Maryam Pasha

Director and Curator

Maryam Pasha’s mission is to give life to ideas. The world is full of fascinating ideas, knowledge and theories, but they are often complex, abstract or hidden away, and hard for broad audiences to access. Maryam wants to give these ideas the chance to change the world.

Maryam is the Director and Curator of TEDxLondon 2018 and was the founder and lead curator for TEDxEastEnd since 2011, running 13 large and small TEDx events. Maryam’s philosophy is to create experiences that go far beyond the traditional speaker-audience interaction. She built TEDxEastEnd into a whole-day immersive event for over 1000 people and the talks from TEDxEastEnd have been viewed online over 2.5 million times.

Maryam worked in the human rights and charity sector for 10 years. She is the Director of X Equals Productions working with corporates, startups, charities and individuals to help bring their ideas to life – through large-scale events production, speaker and pitch coaching and curation. Her clients include Tata Consultancy Services, BBC, Open Data Institute, Irrational Agency, Impetus Private Equity Foundation, BeyondMe, L Marks, HomeServe and HSBC.

Maryam was born in Tehran and has lived in four countries. She has an undergraduate degree from McGill University and a Masters degree in psychology from the University of Essex. Over the past 10 years she founded a social enterprise to support women’s rights, created a network for young professionals working in human rights, organised the first Global Conference on the Prevention of Genocide, and was the Secretary General of the largest Model United Nations conference in Canada. She is currently writing a book on imposter syndrome and can watch her TEDx talk on “Imposter Syndrome: our shared secret”.