We want to change the world
by bringing great speakers, ideas
and events to everyone

We have over 10 years of experience coaching speakers and designing events for TEDx, companies, charities and startups.

Maryam Pasha

Director and Curator

Maryam founded X Equals in 2015 and is the Director and Curator of TEDxLondon and TEDxLondonWomen. Previously, she worked in the human rights and charity sector for 10 years

Tara Cooper

Events and Programming Manager

Tara joined X Equals in 2018 and has extensive event management and programming experience. She previously managed events for the Development team at Shakespeare’s Globe.

We love speaking about our work and sharing what we do with the world. Here are some recent articles, videos and podcasts:

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AllBright Academy

Promo video from AllBright Academy to help women gain skills, confidence and network.
An interview with Maryam about how we can build a better future.
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